Patrick McCabe


I have a B.A. in Photography from Ohio University.  I completed a photography internship in 1969 with National Geographic and have photographs published in the July 1974 issue of the National Geographic Magazine.


In 1971, I went work for the United States Postal Service (USPS) Headquarters Communications Department in Washington, DC doing advertising, marketing, annual reports, and employee publication photography. Some highlights include photographing the Lake Placid and Albertville Winter Olympics and the Barcelona Summer Olympics in connection with the USPS Olympic corporate sponsorship.  In support of a world wide advertising campaign for Express Mail, I traveled around the world as the photographer with a team assembled by the USPS advertising agency, Young and Rubicam.  I did studio and location photography in support of USPS communications, product marketing, and advertising. These images were used in publications, posters, annual reports, and promotional films.


In 1995 I joined the USPS Headquarters Marketing Department and created and managed several customized web sites, Internet applications, and conducted usability testing for the applications. I also created several popular customer publications deigned for business customers.


I was Editor, Photography Editor, and the major photography contributor for the book, An American Postal Portrait, A Photographic Legacy published by Harper Collins in October 2000.


I am currently retired from the USPS and working on my own photography full time.


December 2013